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The story of started out as an online meeting place for me and my friends in the year 2002. Back then it was known as Back then there was no facebook and orkut and this was the first of its kind social network, providing message boards, news, media and email. I dont know about the world but there wasn’t any other in Pakistan.The word got out and soon rest of the college started frequenting the site. People could discuss topics that they couldn’t in the college. The user base grew from just 6 guys in 2002 to over 500 users in a couple of months. The site was such a hit that even Pafians of other PAF colleges such as Chaklala and Jinnah Camp Started using it. During this time not all was well. The site provoked alot of controvery in the college. Specially the News section invited the authorities wrath because it challenged their power and authority. A full scale investigation was launched by the college board and the admins were singled out. Too bad for them we had already left the college and far away from the controversy. But it did not end here with them targeting who ever was even remotely associated with us or the site. Several of our friends who were a year junior to us were routinely investigated and asked to give out our names but kudos to them they never buckled under pressure. The point being, the news section was never managed by the admins of the site but by the students of the college. We even tried taking it down once just to distance our selves from the controversy but we had to bring it back on student demand. Such was the success of the site that other sites such as and sprang up. The kids from Beacon house made their own. All went well till the advent of Orkut and Facebook and we lost our user base. Plus all the controversy and our busy schedule did not allow us to spend much time on site. After a lot of fights and flames, the news section and message board was closed in 2006. After severe abuse of privileges from some people we had to close down the site. What started out as a meeting point for distant friend had become a battle ground for users from Paf and other colleges of Islamabad. The site was taken down after serving Pafians for 5 wonderful years in 2007 . Through out these 5 years, 6 versions of the site were launched. Previous versions can be viewed in the achieve section . Currently we are planning to redesign the site as an alumni portal for current and Ex Pafians.

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